Monday, November 16, 2009

Think quick: how many Congressional districts does New Mexico have?

If you answered three -- you win!!!

However, the authors of new report out on stimulus spending seem to think we have 13 districts. (Yes kids, what you learned in civics is still true: we have five people total representing us in D.C., two senators who represent the whole state and three representatives, each from a district.)

Thanks to the New Mexico Watchdog site for pointing out that and other strange things related to recent stimulus spending. 

One of the more odd things in the report is that it shows that 15.8 jobs were created in the state's "35th Congressional District," where nearly $9 million in stimulus cash was spent, and that no jobs were created in the state's "40th CD," where nearly $8 million supposedly was spent. . .

That raises some serious questions about where that money went -- and why so few jobs were created with that much cash.

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