Thursday, July 22, 2010

Richardson committed to avoiding state worker layoffs

There's no doubt state employees are again fretting over possible layoffs and furloughs amid the current budget crisis.

The numbers don't look good from any perspective, but a Gov. Bill Richardson spokeswoman said the governor will work to avoid pink slips.

"It’s too early to say exactly how the cuts will be implemented," said spokeswoman Alarie Ray-Garcia. "Agencies have been preparing for a potential shortfall and were instructed to reduce spending by as much as 5% heading into the fiscal year. We will be working with agencies over the next few weeks to develop a plan for budget reductions. The Governor is committed to seeking options that avoid furloughs and layoffs."

Expect more hand wringing and talk of increased taxes as the state tries to climb out of this latest budget hole.


  1. I'm keep wondering why anyone is surprised by the shortfall and why govt workers believe they should be exempt.