Friday, November 26, 2010

Navarrette: Martinez story "just beginning"

Columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. has this look at Gov.-elect Susana Martinez today. He says her story -- and presumably her path to something bigger -- is "just beginning."

Navarrette says Martinez is scaring many Democrats with her popularity.

Martinez already is stirring anxiety among Democrats. The fact that she appeals to different groups of voters -- earning 38 percent of the Latino vote in the governor's race, according to exit polls -- makes her a threat to the opposition. Just like one-time federal appellate court nominee Miguel Estrada and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, she'll be a target for the left because hers is an inspirational success story that might convince Latino voters to take a fresh look at the GOP.

It remains to be seen what the Democrats in charge of the Legislature think, but I've spoken to several in the past days who are looking forward to someone new, even if they face major disagreements over policy.


  1. I hope she's nothing like Gonzales. And I don't think she is.

  2. Navarrette absorbed elitism while he was a student at Harvard; he favors the GOP agenda and personnae. Susana Martinez IS as sold out to GOP money interests as was/is Alberto (Gonzo) Gonzales who was nothing more than a GOP lackey and water-boy.

  3. Ms. Martinez has surrounded herself with the old GOP Anglo males. So how can she be a fresh face?