Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Martinez signs bill to end corporal punishment in NM schools

Gov. Susana Martinez today signed a bill that outlaws corporal punishment in our schools.

The state joins 30 others that do not allow punishment such as spanking in the classroom.

"The decision on whether or not to use corporal punishment on a child is one that is best left to a parent," Martinez said in a statement.

Martinez also signed other bills today. They are:

· HB 74, Science of Teaching Reading Requirement
· HB 81, No Land Grants as State Land
· HB 196, Uniform Child Witness Protective Measures Act
· HB 301 Create New Mexico Unit Fund
· HB 306, ESCAFACA District Authority and Elections
· HB 337, Fee and Term Limit on Payday Loans; Requiring Database
· HB 411, State Agency Submission of Timely Audits
· HB 413, Unauthorized Practice of Law
· HB 414, Commercial Motor Carrier Inspections
· HB 437, Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption
· HB 500, Excavation Notices and Utility Pipelines
· HB 652, Emergency Pilot Gas Relighting
· SB 105, Broker Licensure and Education Requirements
· SB 132, State Agency Uniform Credit Card Use Fee
· SB 141, No Education Department Auditor Approval
· SB 233, Plant Photosynthesis as Alternative Energy
· SB 278, Clarify State Treasurer Duties
· SB 282, Tax Liability Credit for Certain Physicians
· SB 295, Health Care Provider Dependency Task Force
· SB 445, Direct Wine Shipment Permits
· SB 520, Municipal Corporation Bond Deposits
· SB 546, Alcohol Microdistiller License
· SB 549, Renewable Energy Utility and Customer Costs
· SB 476, No College Credits Needed for State Police
· SB 617, Public Works Contractor Registration

Martinez vetoed these bills:

· HB 182, Penalties for Serving Alcohol to Minors
· SB 023, Corrine Wolf Children’s Law Center
· SB 025, Private Equity Investment Committee Duties

You can get updates on the bills Martinez has acted on on her web site.

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