Friday, June 17, 2011

Board votes to cut weekend Rail Runner service

The Rio Metro Board voted this afternoon to end weekend train service in mid-to late August. This as the train is facing cuts in federal funding.

"This was originally envisioned as a commuter service, and that’s the piece we want to maintain without affecting anybody," Steve Shaw, Chairman of the Rio Metro Board said in a statement. "While we recognize the weekend service from a tourism and convenience point of view, we think it’s more important to support the initial mission of the train without affecting the people who use it to get to and from work."

More details in tomorrow's paper.


  1. GOING ........ GOING........ Soon to be GONE!!!

  2. BIG mistake. Rail Runner needs to be encouraged & promoted as a tourism train~ both in Abq and in SF. We've got a good thing here, but NM will never know because they are CLUELESS as to how to jump on board this opportunity. A SHAME