Friday, September 23, 2011

GQ's long but fascinating look at Gary Johnson

After last night's presidential debate, our former governor is starting to get a little traction, at least according to his campaign, which this morning said in a release that his name is now the number one search on Google.

Well because I already have a Google alert in my email for Gary Johnson, I just took a peek at the GQ profile of him. It's a fun read.

I like the description in the piece of him in a bike shop in Hooksett, New Hampshire, a state where all the contenders have been.

Gary? He's talking about bikes. Weight and tire pressure. He's telling the guys at the store that he needs to rent one for some race he's in. His two aides, Brinck and Matt—who constitute his entire paid New Hampshire staff—give him the look. The one that says: Maybe you should mention you're running for frickin president. But Gary's on to pedals now. He brought his own pedals with him from New Mexico. Would have taken the whole damn bike, but it would've cost too much to fly it here.

Classic Johnson. After being excluded from so many debates, maybe we'll start to see more of him in the upcoming ones.


  1. Thanks for posting this. As a crossover voter from (now pissed at) Obama-dom, I really love this guy!

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