Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 100th, Nuevo Mexico

So I've been bad about blogging lately. Really bad. But I have been busy, and now you'll know why.

As part of our coverage of the state's 100th birthday, I wrote a nine-storie series on the Centennial. I went from PeNasco to Cedar Crest to Isleta Pueblo and back to Santa Fe to talk to folks who have lived a good chunk of the state's 100 years. Regular folks. Not politicians, not people who have really been in the news much at all. They all had fascinating stories to tell. Don't ask me which one was my favorite, but here are the four I liked best, in no particular order.

In PeNasco, I talked to Patty Sahd, a 97 year old woman who saw her town change from her perch inside her family store.

In Cedar Crest, I talked to Mary Roeschke, who worked at Los Alamos during its most interesting time.

At Isleta, I talked with the daughter of Miguel Trujillo, who is credited with getting the right to vote for Native Americans in the state.

And in Santa Fe, Ray Aranda of Aranda's Plumbing had some fascinating tales about the City Different back in the day.

I've also enjoyed reading other papers' coverage of the events. I heard the Journal sold out of its Centennial special edition, and heck, anything that makes a newspaper sell out these days is good news to me.

Share links to your favorite Centennial coverage, too.

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