Monday, February 23, 2009

Senate bill aims for transparency about pharm gifts

Sen. Dede Feldman writes in a weekend missive that her health care gift bill, which would require pharmaceutical companies to disclose gifts to doctors worth more than $100 "may be a sign of the Senate's receptiveness to future bills containing disclosure requirements for state contractors, open conference committee meetings and additional reporting for candidates."

Hard to know what will happen with this bill, which could come up today. Most of the ethics proposal this year have focused on the Legislature. Many of those are still limping along this session; stay tuned for an update.

That bill was defeated on the Senate floor, 16-24 after a lengthy debate.  And, it turns out, the Senate Rules Committee, which was slated Monday morning to get to a list of ethics bills for public officials, didn't get to them. Many are starting to mumble about no real ethics reform this year. . . But there are 25 days left to go, so we'll see.

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