Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senate Committees' Committee says yes to webcasting

The Senate's Committees' Committee just decided to take a step (again) towards webcasting from that chamber. The committee decided to allow the cameras that had been taken down to be reinstalled with the aim of webcasting later this session. The state bought three cameras for the project.

In the meantime, the committee will draft rules governing the webcasting and present them to the Senate Rules Committee for consideration.

"I think we ought to utilize the equipment that's already in place," said Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming. The state spent $38,000 on the cameras, it will need to spend another $10,000 for another server to broadcast the video on the Legislature's web site. The cameras may be operated by someone already on Senate staff, or the state may need to hire an additional person.

Keep in mind, this is the same committee that previously decided to not webcast this session. . .

Meanwhile, the online news publication New Mexico Independent may beat the Senate to the punch. It plans to webcast the Senate Rules Committee Friday morning.

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