Friday, June 19, 2009

Indictments in Housing Authority case

Props to Heath Haussamen for getting this scoop.

I confirmed the info with the Attorney General's Office, where spokesman Phil Sisneros said in an e-mail that "Vincent 'Smiley' Gallegos, Robert Strumor, Dennis M. Kennedy and Davis N. Hernandez were indicted today in ABQ.'s Second Judicial Court." (Although the e-mail says Davis N. Hernandez was indicted, the indictment shows a David N. Hernandez.)

Sisneros said the office wouldn't be releasing info on charges or anything else.

See my colleague Steve Terrell's blog for the actual indictments.

State Republicans were fast with reaction on the news.

"This indictment reinforces a growing sentiment that we need to reverse the path on which this state is headed. For far too long, self-serving political insiders have exploited, at taxpayers' expense, their positions for personal or political gain," chairman Harvey Yates said in a statement.

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  1. The dummies in Santa County will keep electing the same crooks. IE= Jerome Block, Ben Lujan, $Bill