Monday, June 29, 2009

Richardson appoints new SIC member

Normally, the news that Gov. Bill Richardson has chosen a new member of the State Investment Council would be small news. But, given the financial scandals out there ( I know I don't have to recount them for you ) the appointment of Peter Frank to the board will get heightened scrutiny. No fault of Frank's, just the way things are.

Anyway, Frank most recently retired as the executive vice president/chief financial officer from Daymon Worldwide Inc., a global marketer of private label goods, according to the Governor's Office. Before that, he spent 35 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"As a former Vice Chairman of Price Waterhouse, Peter Frank brings decades of knowledge and experience to the State Investment Council, and we are fortunate that he has agreed to take on this challenge,” Richardson said in a statement. “Peter has impeccable credentials, is a leader in the financial industry, and has pledged to take an active role in the governance of New Mexico’s Permanent Trust Funds," he said.

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  1. Just another croocked cronie of #bill. How much is this gonna cost the taxpayers?