Friday, July 3, 2009

Key parts of SOS site still not working

Secretary of State Mary Herrera predicted yesterday that all of her office's website would be up and running by last night. Well, she was almost right.

Key parts still don't work, including the ability to file a report online, to search previously filed reports, or to look up lobbyists on the site. The UCC filings part appears to work, although one source is raising questions about whether the new system is more secure than the old one, for techie reasons I can't pretend to understand...

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this is a basic government service that should be fixed, and many people are upset.

Maybe next week.

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  1. Your source is correct the UCC pages including the log on page are not requiring SSL encryption. Therefore any data sent between the browser(client) and the SOS servers is sent accross the internet in unencrypted frorm which can be read and intercepted. The old UCC pages rewired 128 SSL encryption.