Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mary Herrera raising money to run again for SOS

It's early, but not that early for next year's elections. I just got this invite to a tea party fund raiser for Mary Herrera's re-election campaign. Looks like the tea party is the traditional kind, with finger sandwiches and scones and the like -- not the kind of tea parties we've seen lately. . .

But wait, there's more. Shopping! The girls-only trip won't help the New Mexico economy much, however. It's in El Paso.


  1. Ms. Nash, why are you so negative what on earth do you get out of it? Oh wait might there be someone planning on running against Ms. Herrera if so have you been promised a PIO position from what I hear you have been promised a position if Valerie Espinoza wins for SOS, what a shame on your part if that is the reason you are being so negative against Ms. Herrera from what I hear is that she is a good person. Shame on you Kate Nash shame on you. Remember what you do on to others God will judge you. May God bless and have mercy on you.

  2. On the shopping trip:

    "Where too do you ask"

    I think that should be:

    "Where to, do you ask"

    I guess grammar is not a requirement for Secretary of State.

  3. http://nmfbihop.com/diary/3939/did-mary-herreras-office-release-too-much-info
    First, the office of Secretary of State Mary Herrera redacted too much in e-mails released to the media.
    Now, the Secretary of State's office looks like they may have released too much information.

    The Santa Fe New Mexican has more, with Steve Terrell writing, "Among the messages released are those in which an SOS employee describes a personal medical condition and the medical condition of a family member."

    Previously, e-mails that had to do with routine things like office supplies and other such innocuous-seeming subjects were redacted, only to be found by other media outlets to be as mundane as their e-mail subjects made them out to be.

    The e-mails were requested after State Elections Director A.J. Salazar resigned and, in his resignation letter, alleged corrupt practices at the Secretary of State's office under Mary Herrera's tenure.

    Matt :: Did Mary Herrera's office release too much info?

    A Voice of Reason in the Wilderness of Enchantment

    A Secretary Who Can’t Write
    by Rearden on March 11, 2010

    in NM Politics

    ShareWhat is it about the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office that seems to draw shady characters and indictments? Former SoS Rebecca Vigil-Giron faces 50 – count them – 50 felony counts of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, creating false documents and soliciting or receiving kickbacks. Now current SoS Mary Herrera is being accused by former Elections Director AJ Salazar of picking up where Vigil-Giron left off.

    A corrupt elected official in New Mexico?! Say it isn’t so! Using exempt employees as campaign staff, protecting politically connected employees, and targeting whistle-blowers are the unfortunate result of 70 plus years of single party rule and an everyday occurrence in state government. But what’s amazing is that someone with writing skills that would embarrass a 5th grader managed to get elected in the first place.

    “AJ this is the second time you went over my head, first time with IT and now (individual’s name blacked out) had no right running to you. She said she doesn’t agree always with DON F (Don Franciso Trujillo) and I. I brought to her attention how about the times you two go walking around disappearing from office. Ethic? Who is judging who. I do not appreciate you who I depend on going over my head.”
    - Secretary of State Mary Herrera Email (Rio Grande Sun)

    Sure… People don’t always use the best grammar when communicating via email, but are you kidding me?! This little snippet of laughable literature and incomprehensible innuendo barely makes any sense. It appears from this small sample that the highest ranking election official in the state is hardly literate.

    Corruption aside, Herrera is charged with running elections in New Mexico. Is it too much to ask that the Secretary of State have basic literacy skills? After all, if Herrera can’t write…

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