Friday, August 27, 2010

Martinez leading in poll, Richardson unfavorable

A new poll out by Rasmussen shows Republican Susana Martinez leading Democrat Diane Denish by five points in this fall's gubernatorial election. When “leaners” are included -- voters who initially are undecided but then chose a candidate after additional questions -- Martinez is ahead by seven points, with 51 percent compared to 44.

Three percent said they prefer another candidate in the race while six percent are undecided. That's a small number of undecideds, and a bit curious about the other candidate...

The poll also asked likely voters what they thought of Gov. Bill Richardson. The news wasn't good for him:
Just 16 percent strongly approve of the job he’s doing while 24 percent somewhat approve, 21 percent somewhat disapprove and 36 percent strongly disapprove.

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