Friday, August 6, 2010

Richardson to be Colombian envoy?

With all the speculation today about what Gov. Bill Richardson will do with his Life After the Governorship, I'm gonna jump in and add my own. How about special envoy to Colombia? Or at least Latin America? (Although he might like to be ambassador to Colombia, that post looks filled.)

It might explain the trip Richardson will take this weekend to Bogota to attend the inauguration of president-elect Juan Manuel Santos. (Or maybe, given Richardson's connections to Latin America, they are old friends?)

The Richardson-as-envoy idea isn't new, and is usually speculated each time Richardson jets somewhere. But it makes sense. That's where his roots are, and that's a field he enjoys. (I know he'd enjoy it more than being a judge on American Idol, one idea he jokingly mentioned to the Albuquerque Journal.) Richardson was last in Bogota and next door Venezuela in 2008 on a mission related to Americans held hostage by FARC rebels.

Richardson also seems to be setting the pace for some kind of envoyship: he'll attend the ceremony Saturday and fly back Sunday. No taxpayer money is being spent on the trip, his office said.


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  2. I hope he does get the "foreign" job and is gone and never to be seen or herd from in New Mexico again....good bye and adios!!!