Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are state pension plans better than the private sector?

After I wrote this story in today's paper about the status of the state's pension plans, a couple of readers pointed out it might be interesting to compare those plans to private companies.

So send me info on where you work and what your benefits are. How much do you chip in and what about your employer? How many years do you have to work before you can retire and how many employees are at your company? I hope to use the info in an upcoming story.


  1. Kate:
    Why don't you call companies around the state? Get it from the horse's mouth.

  2. What you get around the state comes from the other end of the horse, most of the time.

    Private pension plans? Outside the financial trades, the only private pension funds you will find are in unionized companies.

    How many of those are there in 21st Century New Mexico.