Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Martinez choses Hanna Skandera for education secretary

I couldn't go to the announcement today, but just got this from Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida who worked with Gov.-elect Susana Martinez' choice for education secretary, Hanna Skandera ...

“Hanna is a passionate, effective advocate for improving student achievement. Her vast academic, government and professional experience in education makes her an incredible asset to New Mexico as they work to improve student outcomes,” Bush said.

Skandera led school reforms in Florida and at one point worked in Dallas. More info from the Martinez camp on why they chose her, when I get it.

According to the group of which she once was the CEO , Skandera "was Deputy Chief of Staff to Education Secretary Margaret Spellings. While working in Washington for Secretary Spellings, Skandera focused on a range of issues related to K through 12 and postsecondary education. She previously served as Deputy Commissioner of Education in Florida."


In her statement, Martinez stated, “Hanna is a proven reformer who has successfully implemented education innovations and achievement-based reforms for two of our nation’s governors. She shares my belief that we must focus on implementing reforms that improve student achievement here in New Mexico, rather than simply throwing more money at a failed system.”

Martinez' office also said "Skandera has also served as an undersecretary of education for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and most recently as the deputy chief of staff and senior policy advisor in the U.S. Department of Education. Her career as an educator began during college, where she worked with Catholic Charities to develop peer education programs and life skills curricula that were used throughout the U.S. She is a graduate of Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and earned her Master of Public Policy from Pepperdine University, where she graduated first in her class."

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  1. What experience does she actually have in a classroom or running an actual school?