Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bill gets American journalists pardoned

Bill, as in Clinton, was able to get two female journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in North Korea pardoned today. That's a job our Bill, as in Richardson, probably wanted to do.

Still, Richardson was on CNN just now, calling the trip "huge" and saying it improves relations between the two countries.

“Since the relationship has been frozen and hostlie, any kind of future movement Bill Clinton can bring back and say ‘We’re ready to talk’ is a big step.” the governor said.

The governor said he had been in touch with the families of the women, who he described as "well fed." No word on when they will be actually returned to the United States.

Richardson, one of the few Western diplomats who has been to North Korea, has been instrumental in rescuing hostages from other countries in the past. It wasn't clear how directly he had been working with the White House on the journalists' situation, but he has said in the past he was monitoring it.

Once a global traveller and always curious about other countries, Richardson hasn't been on networks like CNN much in recent months for his work on international relations. Could this be the beginning of a comeback or just luck that he had expertise in the area?

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