Thursday, August 20, 2009

No decision yet for state gov supercomplex site

I didn't expect the meeting Wednesday of the Capitol Buildings Planning Commission to take almost all afternoon. But it did. Long story short: the panel hasn't made a decision yet on where to locate the new state government supercomplex.

A new idea for a site popped up when Sonny Otero offered to donate 25 acres for the project, and lawmakers continued to express concerns about the price the state would pay at the Las Soleras site, which General Services Secretary Art Jaramillo says he favors after the Architectural Research Consultants in 2007 recommended the site.

While the developers of Las Soleras and others were hoping the commission would make a decision this week on the site, I got the impression it could be a while still before the state decides on a site, as both Democrats and Republicans on the panel said they wanted to take a closer look at the project. The land that would be involved in a swap if the Las Soleras site is chosen, for example, still has to be appraised.

Details in my story here.

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