Thursday, August 20, 2009

Department of Workforce Solutions secretary resigns...and department issues statement on Vigil-Giron

Betty Sparrow-Doris has resigned from her post at the DWFS, Gov. Bill Richardson's office announced. Ken Ortiz, who had been the deputy secretary since May, will take over Aug. 31.

Doris said she is looking forward to spending more time with her family when she leaves the job.

This isn't scientific or anything, but two recently unemployed people I know have had nothing but problems getting certified to receive benefits from the state. I could go on here, but suffice to say they endured incredibly long waits on the phone and in person, for starters. Then, add to that the two late payments to recipients in recent weeks and you start to get the picture of how difficult it can be to get into the system.

With so many recent problems at the department (read here and here for highlights) the question is out there about why Sparrow-Doris is leaving. I've asked both the Governor's Office and the Workforce Solutions Department for a little more information on Sparrow-Doris' resignation and will update you when I get it.

In other news at the same department, officials said in statement they were "troubled to learn about the recent criminal indictment filed against one of our employees, Rebecca Vigil-Giron."

"The allegations contained in the indictments are serious, they concern actions that are unrelated to her work with the Department," Ortiz said.

Vigil-Giron works at the department as a constituent liaison for the Labor and Industrial Division, where she earns more than $60,000 a year.

"As with other internal personnel matters, the Department will make no additional statements until it has had an opportunity to review the matter. Until that time, Ms. Vigil-Giron is expected to continue to fulfill her work duties," the statement says.

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