Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No details yet on critcal service cuts

Gov. Bill Richardson sounded a warning yesterday that critical services would be cut by the Legislature-approved budget plan. However, there are no details yet on where those cuts would come, causing some to wonder how severe the cuts may end up being.

Richardson's office is digging through the budget bill today as it accepts public input on the cuts. The office apparently also will be busy taking media calls, as attempts by this reporter to contact agency spokespeople yesterday were all routed through Richardson's Office.

I mention that because the Governor's Office in this blog post criticizes reporters for not doing a good job covering the budget situation. That's an interesting accusation to make when -- in contacting 12 public information officers Monday about the budget -- all I got were referrals back to the Governor's Office, which couldn't provide any detailed answers to my questions.

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