Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quote of the day

One of the more fun parts of covering the Legislature is finding a quote of the day. As it's a special session, we aren't featuring that in the paper these days, but I did just hear something that would fit in that category.

During debate on the Senate floor, Senate President Pro Tem Tim Jennings asked Lt. Gov. Diane Denish to send a message to Richardson chief of staff Brian Condit about the strict way many say the governor's proclamation for the session was written.

"He does these proclamations about as well as he does driving a boat," he said, referring to a boating incident in which Condit was cited.

"Mr. Condit ought to look at . . . how he writes these proclamations, otherwise we wouldn't be having these conversations," Jennings said.

The quote came after the Senate debated the germane-ness of several bills including ones that would raise taxes on the wealthy, on alcohol and out of state corporations. Several senators this session have suggested Richardson overstepped his bounds by setting such a limited proclamation that excludes those kind of bills.

The measures were ruled not germane.

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  1. I already declared Sen. Bill Payne's "self-licking ice cream cone" thing as the quote of the day yesterday.