Thursday, October 29, 2009

Richardson tallies public input on budget

Gov. Bill Richardson's office has posted a tally of common comments it has received on the state budget cuts approved by the Legislature.

If Richardson takes the input to heart, it looks like he won't cut Medicaid, but he will raise taxes. He would also avoid cutting state agencies by 7.6 percent and wouldn't cut education.

That sounds like a whole new special session in the making. . . it also sounds a lot like what many lawmakers said ought to have happened in the session that ended last week.

Here's a look at what the administration posted on its blog:

"Medicaid Cuts: 171 emails against cuts to Medicaid programs

7.6% Agency Cuts: 221 con / 5 pro

Tax Increases (variety of ideas): 38 pro / 2 con

Education Cuts: 40 con / 13 pro"

The governor has until Nov. 12 to act. His office has said he plans additional office hours for people to comment on the budget.

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