Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More trouble at the PRC

A former employee has sued two other former employees after he says he was wrongly fired for pointing out wrongdoing.

See the story here.

Former insurance compliance director Aaron Feliciano says Danny Mayfield and Mo Chavez orchestrated his firing because Felicano complained internally about "violations of New Mexico law, malfeasance, waste and abuse of authority" and sought Attorney General Gary King's help "to enforce the Insurance Code and to halt the practices that (Feliciano) reasonably and in good faith believed constituted unlawful and/or improper acts."

It also says he was fired because he told Chavez that he couldn't recommend a friend of Chavez's for the position of chief investigator, and that the State Personnel Act instead required him to recommend eligible candidates for the position based solely on qualification and ability.

In addition, Feliciano says he voiced concerns regarding "inappropriate hiring of political contributors to conduct insurance examinations and ineffective and costly insurance examinations for which (Feliciano) refused to approve invoices."

Neither Chavez nor Mayfield commented on the case Tuesday, although Chavez said "What can you say if people can sue anybody for anything?" he said. "That doesn't mean there's any validity to it."

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