Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newspaper sues for public documents

It's a sad day when a newspaper has to sue for access to public information. But that's what has happened in the case of the 59 exempt employees who were laid off, about whom many in the media have been seeking information.


  1. I loved Gallegos comments--a vendetta against the governor. Now why would the gov have a persecution complex?

  2. On a national level it is even worse.

    DOD denied Reuters the right to view the video that shows the murder of one of its photographers and his driver in Iraq. Now that Wikileaks has made that video available to the public, the leaker/patriot has been held for three weeks without charge. Glenn Greenwald and Daniel Ellsberg lauded the leaker Bradley Manning as "showing better judgment than the officials that withheld the information."


    for the full interviews.