Thursday, June 3, 2010

Republican wants to help Lujan-Trujillo recount, if there is one

Republican House candidate Bob Walsh said this morning he'll chip in for a possible recount between House Speaker Ben Lujan and LANL technologist Carl Trujillo. More on the latest about that race here.

Walsh is the Republican running against Santa Fe Rep. Lucky Varela in the November election. He said he'd pitch in $20 for a deposit on the recount and an additional $200 toward the cost of a recount if it doesn't change the current result.

"Both Ben and Carl are dedicated to public service,” Walsh said in a statement. “Either would be a fine representative for their district. We just want to reassure the voters that their votes have been counted accurately."

Trujillo hasn't decided whether to seek a recount and was waiting for the Santa Fe County Canvassing Board to meet Friday to see what the results look like. The unofficial results showed Lujan up by 80 votes.

Walsh, in case you are wondering, "is an applied mathematician who describes himself as a centrist, a social liberal and fiscal conservative," according to a release he sent this morning.


  1. Perhaps Mr. Walsh should read the Election Code before he goes & sticks his nose where it doesn't belong, in a Democratic Primary. The purpose of the auto recount at 1/2% & the canvass is to assure that the votes are counted accurately. I'm sure Mr. Trujillo is happy since he is already using Mr. Cortez, a republican operative.

    Mr. Walsh is already a politician in the worse sense of the word, talking out of both sides of his mouth. He compliments Ms. Lamb & her staff while contributing money to a process whose only result will to make useless, headache inducing tasks for the County Staffs and the precinct boards involved. Since he expects the results NOT to change --- Why do it?

    He "describes himself as a centrist, a social liberal and fiscal conservative."

    He has proven to be none of them!