Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gary King is a superhero least in his campaign ad. Check it out here. I sort of expected him to leap down from the balcony in the last shot, which has the superhero-y music, and just needs him to don a cape.

The ad is the first on TV in the attorney general's race. Expect more from King and also from opponent Matt Chandler in the coming days. Because of the closeness of the gubernatorial race, the AG's matchup hasn't garnered too much attention. You can read the story I did wrapping up the race here. The odd thing about the ad is it doesn't mention corruption, which until now has seemed to be the race's main theme.

Superheros are popular in this year's campaign. The new Justice League PAC also is playing off that theme in its ads.

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  1. Obviously the Dem party bosses are grasping at straws and haven't realized that cartoon super-heroes and themes aren't going to cut it with the electorate this time around - Denish's 'justice league' even goes so far as to portray New Mexicans as being little more then desperately frightened children in need of the protection of some kind of super-mom.