Friday, September 17, 2010

President Obama headed to NM

No details yet from the White House yet, but President Obama is headed to New Mexico Sept. 28

As soon as that was announced, Republicans trounced.

Here an email from the RNC:

"As New Mexico Democrats scramble to defend voting in lock-step with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s failed agenda, maybe the President can help Martin Heinrich, and Ben Lujan explain how small business tax hikes will help get the economy back on track and create jobs in New Mexico," said Bill Riggs, RNC spokesman.

No word on what the visit would be about. Could it be a stop for Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who is locked in a tight battle with Republican Susana Martinez? Already, former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to appear in Espanola Oct. 14 for Denish.

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  1. Maybe it's a reward for Congressman Lujan for his vote in favor of the latest $33bn Afghanistan supplemental in July 2010, unreported in the New Mexican as far as I can tell.