Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PRC policy to require employees to get permission to talk to reporters

Just when everyone was paying attention to the gubernatorial race, things have heated up again at the Public Regulation Commission.

Check out this story from the New Mexico Independent.

According to the story, new PRC chief of staff Michael Rivera will require PRC employees to get permission from him to speak to the media.

Currently, PRC employees are supposed to tell the chief of staff about conversations they have with reporters.

“The policy doesn’t necessarily prevent employees from talking to the media but we have to tighten that up a little,” Rivera said.

The new policy will require that employees get prior permission from Rivera before talking with reporters, Rivera said.

“One thing we’re looking at is having reporters visit with employees in the office next to my office,” Rivera said. “I may or may not chose to sit in on those meetings.”

The new policy comes in the context of a not-so-flattering audit report that someone at the PRC leaked to the media, according to commissioner Sandy Jones. But New Mexico Independent editor Gwenyth Doland points out the news organization obtained the document through the state's Inspection of Public Records Act. (Updated: 6:24, p.m.)

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