Thursday, March 17, 2011

Martinez posts ads online for state aircraft

1976 Beechcraft King Air Model E-90 S/N LW-159

Cessna Citation Bravo Model 550 S/N 1112

I was actually looking for something else on the governor's web site when I came across two new ads for the state planes Martinez wants to sell. No price listed, however.

The Cessna in particular seems like a sweet ride. According to the ad, it's got a "refreshment center" that features:

Barware storage area
Swing-out work surface
Heated liquid container
Bottle water storage
Two dispensers for disposable cups
Beverage can storage
Ice chest drawer with removable liner connected to a manual overboard drain.
Trash container
Pullout food tray drawer
Miscellaneous general storage
Accent lighting

The Beechcraft isn't as awesome, given that it's got 10770 miles, but I bet someone could get a good deal these days.

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