Thursday, March 17, 2011

NM law allowing corporal punishment attracts national attention

A national group called Unlimited Justice is calling on Senate leaders here to again take up a measure that would outlaw corporal punishment in schools. The Senate earlier this session tie voted on a similar measure, leaving it tabled. The House earlier had approved the bill, HB 172. Rep. Rick Miera is the sponsor.

"The New Mexico Senate has a real opportunity to end the practice of having public school students being beaten in their classroom by an educator, a practice that is simply unacceptable," said Marc Ecko, an education reform advocate with the group.

"We call upon Majority Leader Michael Sanchez to bring the House bill to a vote before the session ends. Given the vote by the House and the prior indication from the Senate that it has an interest in this issue, there should be no reason for the Senate not to consider this bill."

Ecko was on MSNBC this morning talking about the bill.

"There are so many issues around education reform to debate, but this is one we can all agree on. Right, left, old, young, conservative, liberal, hitting students in schools is wrong."

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