Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another SHARE problem ... or maybe it's the same one

An internal audit has found that the state DOT didn't bill the feds for $23 million it could have in 2007 because of SHARE. The DOT did get the money in the next two years, however. Read this story for details.

While DOT spokesman S.U. Mahesh says the SHARE system isn't designed to meet the specs the Federal Highway Administration needs for reimbursements, he said the program is working at many other state agencies.


  1. S.U. Mahesh is a political appointee of Bill Richardson and will say anything to deflect responsibility for the dysfunctional SHARE system away Bill. Bill Richardson and DFA's Anthony Armijo need to be investigated for their gross negligence in implementing SHARE.

  2. SHARE has never met the requirements for FHWA from day one and the NMDOT was told that. SHARE is not setup to handle a project based, reimbursement driven financial system like the DOT has with FHWA.

    It might work somewhat in a grant based system like most of the other state offices but the NMDOT is driven on reimbursement funds.

    The fault lies with the people that forced that entire system down everyone throats, SHARE was never tested properly. The mentality was to build it and roll it out State wide. It went against every standard practice in the IT/MIS industry: There was no dedicated test environment, there was no parallel testing and when issues were found people were told find a work around and change the way you are doing it - rather than addressing the fault.