Monday, April 20, 2009

Problems with SHARE attract state employee ire

My e-mail has been buzzing with info related to the story I wrote on Saturday about recent problems in the SHARE system. It seems most state employees (or at least the ones commenting on the story on our web site who appear to be employees) agree on one thing: the system needs major improvements.

The Federal Highway Administration agrees, as well, saying last week it is suspending reimbursements to the department over the way the SHARE system is billing the feds. That's a big deal, given that 40 percent of the state DOT's budget comes from Washington.

Several non-employees have asked what exactly SHARE does. I found this link to information on the program. Note that Roy Soto, listed at the top right of the page as the project sponsor, left the department as secretary in August of 2008. Marlin Mackey took over after that and is currently the secretary.

Stay tuned on this one.

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