Thursday, April 2, 2009

Richardson signs contribution limits, more frequent reporting

Gov. Bill Richardson just signed this and this into law. That means new limits on the amount candidates for office can receive and new rules about how often candidates must report contributions and expenditures.

Supporters of the measures at a press conference said the bills weren't perfect, but called them a step in the right direction. Some advocates fought for tougher measures, including more detailed campaign reporting than what is now required and for the limits to start sooner. The bill calls for them to take effect after the 2010 gubernatorial race.

Richardson didn't take action on the open conference committees bill today, saying that not many people have contacted him about the issue and that he's concerned about what he called a loophole that allows the Legislature with a two-thirds majority to close a conference committee.

Update, 12:16

Sometime after the press conference just now, Richardson also just signed the Electronic Medical Records Act, according to his office.

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