Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gov. in Kuala Lumpur

Gov. Bill Richardson is off again, this time to a conference Kuala Lumpur.

His office said he was invited-- "along with 400 other CEO’s and world leaders" -- by Steve Forbes. As in the guy who edits Forbes magazine.

The conference's theme is “Game Change in Washington” and looks at "the political scene in Washington during the past 12 months amid economic downturn."

Among other things, Richardson's office says the governor will "share his thoughts about how the economic downturn has affected New Mexico."

I'm sure there are a few legislative leaders around here who would like to know a little more about Richardson's thoughts on New Mexico's economy as well. While they have been meeting with Richardson on the state's budget crisis, few have reported big progress ahead of the October special session.

The Malaysia trip comes after Richardson in recent weeks has been to both Mexico and Cuba. His office says Kuala Lumpur conference organizers are paying for Richardson's trip. There was no mention of security or other staffer costs.

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