Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J.R. Damron announces for Lt. Gov.

I suppose you could call it the post-Labor Day rush: two Republican men today joined the races for governor and lieutenant governor. Allen Weh announced in Albuquerque he wants to be governor and here in Santa Fe, J.R. Damron made official his bid for lieutenant governor.

Here's a little of what Damron, a Santa Fe radiologist, planned to say at his announcement, outside Santa Fe Imaging Center.

"I’ve watched the Richardson/Denish administration for the past seven years as it’s taken our state in the wrong direction. New Mexico’s public educational system has seriously declined; our ability to manage the social and economic needs of our citizens is suffering, and our state’s finances are in jeopardy because of some highly questionable investments," he said. "The governor and lt. governor have frankly taken their eye off the ball, creating an atmosphere of doubt in their ability to govern ethically and well. It’s not time for a change…it’s high time for a change in leadership,” Damron said.


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