Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gov's office won't release list of fired exempt employees

I just got back the records request I made on the exempt employees who were let go and will be out of work Jan. 8.

To be clear, my request asked for "any or all correspondence, including but not limited to e-mails and traditional mail, written memos or other communication, to or from anyone in your office related to the 59 people who were notified this week they are being laid off."

All I got back were a bunch of e-mails I and other reporters sent on the topic. Oh, and the press releases sent to us media on the lay offs. Nothing else that gives any clue as to who was laid off. No letters to people who were fired. No letters to the department heads of people who were to be fired. Nothing outlining who would be chosen to get the boot or how.

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that e-mails from reporters on this subject are the only documents out there on this topic?

I have an e-mail into the Governor's Office asking for an explanation and will let you know when I get one.

Update, 5:47 pm. 

Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the office turned over all documents and records in this case.

He said it's "not necessary, nor is it appropriate or dignified to identify individuals who are losing their jobs" but gave no legal reason for withholding the information.


  1. You are a jerk to think that every personnel comunication is public information. Let's see Kate, just imagine you got fired through no falult of you own,and ever hack reporter gets the info before you have a chance to discuss it with your family. Maybe someday the New Mexican will fire YOU and we will all be able to cheer about it in your face!!

  2. Good report Kate. B obviously does not comprehend being laid off as a government appointee is different than being fired. The governor hired too many appointees at astronomical salaries, I assume as rewards for their assistance in getting elected

  3. Suz,Swollow your patronizing little self. Though some records are public info, many personnel records are not subject to the Public Records Act. Clearly you and your "good reporter" Kate are uneducated about the scope of that act. I am not arguing that the Gov. did or did not hire too many appointees. I am saying there is some degree of privacy allowed state employees, even if you think they should all bare their A*$ and everything else for your inspection.