Friday, December 4, 2009

Richardson creates special committee to reduce spending

In the wake of news that the state's budget crunch is only getting worse, Gov. Bill Richardson today appointed eight people to look at how government can further cut spending. Meaning, more cuts are coming.

The group, called the Committee on Government Efficiency "will thoroughly review all areas of state government and analyze potential savings through streamlining, consolidating and eliminating certain areas," according to the Governor's Office.


 “Over the past year, I’ve taken necessary action to responsibly cut state spending and balance the budget,” Richardson said in a statement. “I’ve established this committee to help identity additional areas for savings and increased efficiency by conducting a top to bottom review of state government.”


The group will make recommendations to lawmakers for the 2010 session and former Gov. Garry Carruthers will serve as chairman.

I haven't put in a request yet for how much it will cost the committee to operate, but maybe I will. . .


  1. Where has this guy been? I forgot ... looking for a job - prophetic for other government employees ... forming ANOTHER committee, the findings from whom he can ignore or lean on for support? Can't those hundreds of highly paid synophants provide any ideas?

  2. I wonder if this committee will ask the rank and file in state agencies to point to waste in their agencies, or will the committee just take the word of agency heads that, there is none.