Monday, December 7, 2009

Manny's odd, odd castle

I'm no architect critic here, so I won't even try to sum up all the oddities about Manny Aragon's South Valley castle shown below in the video by the folks at the New Mexico Watchdog. (I don't have that much time, anyway.)

In short, though, I had always wondered whether the urban legend about the replica of the state seal in one of the rooms was true. At 8 minutes into the video, I saw it was. (The video is pretty long, but worth that wait, on that point alone.) To me, the giant seal -- like the one that used to hang above Manny in the state Senate -- is the oddest part of the whole castle thing...although there are some other strange things about the building, including the nicho in the shower and the way so many different architectural styles are used on the same house. It's also unclear if anyone actually lives or lived in the building, as it looks like it is still under construction in places. . . 

(Manny of course doesn't live there anymore.)

To be honest, I'm not totally sure what the point of the video is, with the random quotes from Manny's career sprinkled about, but I bet it's the first time anyone has published video of the often-rumored casa, so that's a coup, Albuquerque style, I suppose.

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