Thursday, December 17, 2009

John Sanchez to make campaign announcement today

Sanchez, the 2002 GOP gubernatorial candidate, plans to make an announcement about a "statewide office" today at 2 p.m.

It's no secret he's been thinking about running again recently. The only question really is whether it's for governor or lieutenant governor. Many insiders say it is the state's number two spot. But we'll wait until 2 o clock to be sure.

UPDATE: Sanchez is running for lieutenant governor. He said in a statement that many had encouraged him to run for governor, but that he wanted to avoid a divisive GOP primary race.

“I believe that my business and political experience will strengthen the Republican ticket in 2010, and that I will bring energy and enthusiasm to the election process, and that once elected, that I will be effective in a vital role, of new leadership for New  Mexico,” he said.

Sanchez joins Albuquerque Sen. Kent Cravens, Santa Fe radiologist J.R. Damron, former state Rep. Brian Moore and Albuquerque nurse Bea Sheridan in the June primary.

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  1. John Sanchez is not qualified for any statewide post. With merely a high school diploma, the man is simply a moron who got lucky when he defeated former House Speaker Raymond Sanchez in newly gentrified district thanks to redistricting. He should stick to running his corrupt roofing company!