Thursday, January 27, 2011

Martinez to lawmakers: I cut my budget, you should cut yours

Gov. Susana Martinez has signed a bill to pay for the session. But she's not exactly happy about it.

In her message to lawmakers, she gently chides them for not reducing spending as she has.

"As you know, for your legislative agencies there are no reductions in these appropriations from the current operating budget level," she wrote. "I do commend you for reducing the session expenses from the original request but even those expenses are $1.2 million higher than the actual expenditures reported for the last 60-day session."

Her admonition isn't a first: former Gov. Bill Richardson's people often complained that the Legislature wasn't doing enough to share in the pain of the budget crunch.

PS you can read the whole message Martinez sent to lawmakers here, while other messages are posted nearby on the same site. Handy.

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