Friday, January 28, 2011

Three day weekend!


No House or Senate floor sessions today, meaning most lawmakers have cleared out and gone back home for the weekend.

So will it be busy next week, you ask?

Well, probably not in the Senate Rules Committee, which is where all Gov. Susana Martinez' Cabinet nominees must first appear. The committee on Monday will hold an "organizational meeting," and no agenda is yet posted.

In fairness, other committees look to be a little more busy next week, see the schedules here.

People often ask me what the lawmakers do exactly for 60 days, or why they stay up so late in the last few days of each session. The answer is tricky, as they of course do get things accomplished, but there is a lot of down time, time spent on speeches and time spent grandstanding. There are also three day weekends like this one.


  1. do these lawmakers get a per diem for suspended days of service?

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