Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Several gun bills in the hopper

New Mexico doesn't have a proposal to make an official state handgun like Utah currently does, but there are several measures this session dealing with guns.

One measure would prohibit residents of other states from buying handguns here.

A separate bill would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry at schools, universities and liquor establishments.

Among other things, that measure would:

House Bill 136 (HB 136) would allow individuals with a valid license to carry a concealed handgun to carry more than one concealed handgun at one time. The bill would also allow a concealed handgun permitee to carry concealed handguns on school premises, preschool premises, university premises and into all licensed liquor establishments. The current law limits the individual with a license to carrying only one concealed handgun at a time, and does not allow him to legally carry a concealed handgun onto any school, preschool, university or into any liquor establishment unless the establishment does not allow consumption on premises or is a restaurant meeting certain requirements. The bill also allows those individuals with valid concealed handgun licenses to carry their handguns on buses and into state parks and recreation areas.

A third bill aims to streamline the process for getting a concealed carry permit, eliminating the need to be refingerprinted each time. It also eliminates a refresher course for people renewing their gun permits.

Expect big debates on these and other measures.

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  1. seems to me, rather than such a law, a requirement that all citizens be put on Prozac instead. What the heck is everyone afraid of the Bogey Man? Good grief..