Friday, February 4, 2011

Bill is first to get tri-partisan support

A measure by Rep. Nate Gentry that would essentially unseal records of former Gov. Bill Richardson has tri partisan support, Gentry said in a release.

Rep. Andy Nunez, who recently switched his party registration to be an independent, has signed on to the bill, along with Republicans and Democrats.

The bill is not yet online, but here's the gist from Gentry.

"Under a 1967 law, an elected state official who has left office may submit items, including documents to the State Records and Archives Center and restrict access to those items. State officials leaving office have placed moratoria on access to these items for up to 8 years. House Bill 368 ensures that the public will continue to have access to public documents even after they have been archived."

Gentry said the bill is not aimed at Richardson.

"This bill isn’t in response to a single elected official but instead to close this loophole that prevents the public from knowing what happens in their government."

It will be interesting no doubt to see where this one goes.

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