Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pawlenty/Martinez in 2012?

That's a possibility, according to Politico.com, which today says that former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty has mentioned Gov. Susana Martinez as a potential running mate in 2012.

Here's part of the article, which checks out the potential GOP field for next year.

At least one 2012 candidate has openly talked up the strength of the vice presidential field. During a visit to Washington last month, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty pointed to (Nevada Gov. Brian) Sandoval, Martinez and (South Carolina Gov. Nikki) Haley as strong potential running mates, along with Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno.

"There will be no shortage of great talent" for the vice presidency, Pawlenty said.

Martinez has said she's focused on New Mexico, but stay tuned. Stranger things have happened with New Mexico governors.

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  1. Martinez is a lot smarter than Palin, but she has many of the same negatives: A lack of long-time major experience to serve as veep.