Thursday, February 10, 2011

Martinez: FEMA damage assessments ongoing

Gov. Susana Martinez has penned an executive order that makes available up to $750,000 in state emergency funds for the recent natural gas crisis.

In addition, her office says damage assessment teams from FEMA are conducting a detailed accounting of the uninsured costs incurred by state and local entities. A FEMA representative has been in Santa Fe since Monday, and the administration says it was in contact with FEMA from the get go of the disaster.

The news release comes amid a whisper campaign that Martinez didn't reach out to the feds soon enough, something her office says isn't the case.

"We continue to express our gratitude to those who are offering a hand as we work through the process of recovering from the natural gas crisis," Martinez in a statement. "In order to facilitate the quickest possible recovery and reimbursement process for local governments, we have been responding to their requests and working with FEMA from day one to evaluate damages and follow necessary steps to make state and federal funds available. With the worst of the natural gas crisis now behind us, we must do everything we can to aid our local communities as they process the damage and ensure that such an outage never happens again in the future."

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