Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The (public) salary list UNM didn't want you to see

Kudos to the Albuquerque Journal for posting this info on salaries that UNM officials had said they would only make available on paper.

UNM had an antiquated approach to public information that was (not so easily) gotten around by the Journal. Here's the lowdown, from a column today by Thom Cole.

The administration makes a 448-page printed alphabetized list of full- and part-time UNM main campus and branch employees available for a two-hour checkout at Zimmerman Library.
A Journal editor checked out the list last Saturday, copied it ($43 in charges), then handed it off to our computer folks for scanning. The result is a list that is searchable but not sortable.

A measure this session would make information that's already available in a database form available electronically. Here's hoping it passes -- for all the state government information out there, not just salaries.

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  1. You have to subscribe to the Journal to have access to it.