Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Cabinet secretaries to earn only a little less

All of the Cabinet secretaries in the Martinez administration will be earning less than those before them. How much less, you ask? I've got the details in my story here.

And while they are all less, some aren't much less. Human Services Department Secretary-designate Sidonie Squier will earn $117,000 a year if confirmed by the state Senate, while former Gov. Bill Richardson's human services secretary, Katie Falls, earned $117,277. Others will earn significantly less.

Speaking of the salaries, I've got to say that I easily received the information about who was making what, without having to file a formal records request. That is a refreshing change and a good sign that this administration intends to be accessible when it comes to public records.

1 comment:

  1. Governor Martinez should have cut all pay across the board for cabinet level positions to at least 40k a year.

    I know teachers and many other government workers who earn less than that and work more.

    While symbolic, her attempt to show how much she really, really wants to cut government spending is nothing more than show.

    The thought underlying my comment is that working for the state executive office, the state congress and the state judicial should not be considered a "job" nor should it pay Wall Street salaries.