Friday, October 22, 2010

$4 million mystery solved

OK so I did get some info on the mystery contract Susana Martinez mentioned during last night's debate. Turns out it was a recent renewal of an ongoing contract that the state has for risk management cases with the Robles, Rael and Anaya law firm, of which Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Brian Colon is a partner.

At the current time, Colon isn't billing any hours at the firm, a campaign spokesman said. The contract has been in place for about four years, according to Chris Salas, who said it is worth up to $4 million. Risk management has many similar contracts for services with other law firms, some of which are quite lucrative.


  1. This is just like Herb Denish not being a lobbyist, but he's sitting in the audience. If your law firm benefits, you do.

  2. The same contract was capped at $75,000 for four years before Mr. Colon came on board to the firm. Once he got there, the contract was increased to $4 million. Even if Mr. Colon isn't billing to the account, he is authorized to work on these cases. This contract is just a sample of what really is going on in that department and the amount of money being spent on private attorneys by the state is obscene. Why have in-house counsel at all?