Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Standard: lien placed against Colon's Florida condo

The Weekly Standard is reporting that Brian Colon isn't up to date on payments for a Florida condo. See their story here.
In part, the story says
"Recently uncovered documents reveal that Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor Brian Colón has refused to make payments on a condo that he owns in Florida. A representative of the Sunrise Lakes Condominium Apartments association in Sunrise, Florida claims that Colón has refused to pay his mortgage and his maintenance fee, which has resulted in a lien being placed on the property.

The representative says that Colón inherited the property in 2008, and that since then he has refused to respond to requests to pay for outstanding fees and mortgage payments. Colón is listed as the responsible party for the property. Letters and phone calls have been sent to Colón and his campaign in order to reclaim payment, but so far they have been ignored.

The Sunrise Lakes condominiums are designed as an affordable retirement home community for seniors with many of the units selling for under $20,000. The main point of his concern was that since Colón has refused to address his payments, other tenants have had to foot the costs with increases in their own fees.

Records with the Broward County courts show that as of last year, Colón owed $4,269.75 for outstanding condominium fees and $12,650.43 for the one-bedroom unit. The most recent court documents are from the July 2009, when the condominium association decided to take legal action against Colón."

I'm seeking comment from Colon.

Update, 9:04 pm

Colon said the apartment was his mother's home. "When she passed away, she handed it down to me and my siblings. We are working as a family to resolve this matter," he said in a statement.

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